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A simple FREE framework every busy female professional needs.



Master the 7 most critical aspects every busy woman needs, to go from confusion to clarity.

If you are a busy female professional, you already know that exuding confidence while still feeling like yourself, in professional settings is the most sought-after feeling, especially after the pandemic, where some workplaces have become more casual. 


Unfortunately, most busy women make the costly mistake of focusing on just buying more clothes in the same style or even wearing black! FIRST!

Without unlocking your own style at work first, you will waste months of energy, time and money buying more clothes that will not get you that confidence or represent your own personality.

That is why, we have created a simple framework, breaking down the 7 aspects you need to focus on to identify key items in your style and habits and get real clarity before you buy any more clothes. 


Lily. Registered Nutritionist, Coventry, UK

I didn't have the confidence to ad colour to my wardrobe, to be honest, I was intimidated by colour. I'm a neutral girl or used to be until I attended one of Raquel's colour masterclasses. It was an eye opener as I have learned about colour combinations, how to style colour each season and many more. You have to see me now!

Corporate Lawyer, London, UK.

I've recently returned to work after maternity leave, and I'm now thinking of changing my career. It may sound strange, but it’s almost like my job and wardrobe represent the past me, and whilst I want to change both, I haven't been brave enough to do it yet. Who would have thought our wardrobes say so much about us? 


Raquel’s masterclasses have been great in helping me move forward! She has a really clear way of explaining how to develop your wardrobe and just making it all seem less daunting. I love that her focus is on finding your style rather than following trends. In the process, you end up learning a lot about yourself, and how your clothes can better reflect you! "

Nuala, Head of Risk & Controls in banking

Northampton, UK

"Loved the Masterclass, really informative and great to be in a session with like minded women. It really inspired me to try something new, specifically a new colour that I had never though of before

Angeles, Associate Profesor  of  Spanish.

Jacksonville, FL, US

"I recently attended the 'A Winning wardrobe for Work" Masterclass, and it was a transformative experience. Raquel was not only engaging and professional but also made the learning process incredibly fun. This Masterclass equipped me with the tools to enhance my wardrobe, boosting my confidence in professional settings. The practical advise on creating a lasting impression has already made a noticeable difference in my career. I highly recommend this Masterclass to anyone looking to elevate their personal brand and professional image"

Mala, Hygienist.

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK

"Raquel's events are amazing - informative, give us a real understanding of our wardrobes and how we can make the best of what we’ve got. Why waste so many clothes? It’s made me think more before buying clothes to buy better and waste less. Easy-going events, no pressure to feel like you are ‘fashionable’ enough to attend. Raquel is great to chat with and I always have a great time at her events"

Bettina, Marketing Consultant 

Fremont, CA, US

Raquel has a great sense of style and a real knack for analysing one's taste, body shape and outfit preferences. She took the time to understand my personal goals and how my lifestyle and career influence my wardrobe needs. She then educated me on what was missing in my wardrobe and tackled some misconceptions about my style. Finally, she applied her deep knowledge as a fashion consultant and buyer to create a wardrobe for me that is versatile, personal, fun and - most importantly - makes me feel great and confident. Raquel is very professional and responsive, and the whole process was very convenient and easy. I can wholeheartedly recommend Raquel to any businesswoman who loves fashion but doesn't have the time to think, research or shop to put together a winning wardrobe. 

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