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At last! a method that saves you time & energy when packing for holidays!

If you are a busy female who loves fashion, you already know that deciding what to pack for the holidays and getting it right is important to you.
Not only you want to feel amazing in your own skin, while at other destinations, but you also want to have options that cater for the different activities, environment and weather at your destination, to create lasting memories whilst still keeping your essence. 

Unfortunately, most women make the costly mistake of packing pieces with styles that they don't wear at home, or even buying more clothes according to the "it thing" to wear this summer.

Without considering your own style, which also includes while being on holiday, you will waste precious time, energy and money that will not get you to feel your greatest self at your destination. 

 Five things we want when going on holiday

  • Feel confident & like your best self.
  •  Blend into the environment.

  • Elevate your experience. 

 Contact me at


and book your slot

What you get: 

  •  One online session in front of your wardrobe.

  • Get inspired with what you have in your wardrobe.  

                              (Get personalized recommendations)

  • Personalized Style Guidance for Holidays

                                         ( Feel fresh & modern)

  • Efficient packing

​          ( Maximize suitcase space by selecting versatile pieces)

  • Time & Stress Saving.

         ( Take the burden of outfit combination off your hands) 

  • Learning experience

          ( Learn valuable tips about your style that you can use in the future)

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