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Can you handle it? The power of social media to connect with customers

While we seek physical contact these days, the role of digital only increases. This is when a great management of social media platforms is highly important to engage with customers.

From my experience, Independent retailers have now realised more than ever if their online presence was making an impact on customers.

This is because they are not in enough platforms, or they don't know what to post, or the amount of posts that are good enough, what content to post, what stories to publish, confusion about hashtags rules and filters.

Any retailer without a digital presence or E-commerce strategy is going to be left behind.

But don’t worry, this time is a great opportunity for independent retailers to catch up on social media strategies.

On the one hand, the customer is conscious of the overconsumption, and they think twice when making a purchase, on the grounds that there will be less disposable income. On the other hand, they are willing to wait for the product, because they have realised the process that goes behind production, and most relevant, they have noticed these days how little we really need.

I advise clients of the opportunities they have right now. By communicating well with customers and having their social media platforms edited. By doing so, the customer has a great shopping experience while receiving a human touch that a great customer service provides, all created, online.

From my experience, the right amount of posts a week, a great content relevant to your brand identity, good interacting stories and a great customer service, can preserve the identity and the essence of the store, while giving it a fresh visibility to the business on the social world.

Retailers, for whom I edit their social media platforms with my vision and approach, raise their business to a new level of visibility and come across online with personality and a human connection that we all crave so much these days.

Can you handle it? I can handle it!


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