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Why I call this a wardrobe breakthrough in my products? Because I had one years ago.

And you can have one too!

All it means, is that I know the strategies of the high street to create a collection, and I love using that to create a collection...for you!

I used to be the perfect hight street customer, buying different stuff every season. At some point, though, this was not working out for me. It was not sustainable for my wallet, and my wardrobe was crazy with mixed styles. I get tired of clothes very quickly, and I am not a minimalist or particularly like the "classics" or the "staples" we all suppose to have in our wardrobe. The solution? Creating a wardrobe collection just for me, as my own customer with my own method. And this is what I love doing now, for you!

I know is August, I will give you that one. However, this is the time of the year, where shops are creating new collections, why wouldn't you?

Sales are finishing and there is Autum/ Winter stuff there.. now!

Start creating now!

I see clients for all sorts of "wardrobe issues", here is what we do during a wardrobe breakthrough process:

1- We talk.

A LOT. I need to understand your personality, wardrobe issues, lifestyle. We go back and forth with a lot of chats, and this is so much fun!

2- Your Wardrobe Audit

1st Session. We either book online or I go to your house. We spent some time with your wardrobe, I ask questions, we analyse, we chat, we chat, we chat.

3- Your Style inspiration and colour palette

I go away and I am creating an Inspiration Board for you on your style.

I start creating a colour palette for you.

4- Let's chat again!

We get together again, or book online, and I show you your inspiration board and colour palette so far, and we make tricks and amendments if needed.

This is where we carry on looking your wardrobe and start selecting pieces to put aside that we will use for your new wardrobe ( yes, we use your own stuff) and we also discard pieces that are not longer doing you any favour.

5- Creation of your Digital Wardrobe

I start researching and I selecting 15 pieces that will constitute your "digital wardrobe".

This will be like your future map, for your style, and for when you go shopping. You will never be lost again either on style or what to buy.

These 15 pieces will be what makes up your perfect wardrobe according to your style.

And then, depending on your budget, you can start building up your wardrobe whenever you want/ can.

These 15 pieces are selected according to what you already have in your wardrobe, and what you are missing.

6- Back to your Wardrobe.

We look together at your wardrobe again, and we will decide on priority purchases for you.

And yes, we continue selecting pieces you already have, and we carry on selecting pieces to discard, that do not make you feel hell yeah!

7- Your personalised notes.

I start working on your personalised notes, these include:

Fabrics, Shapes, Styling, your shops, general tips, and comments about the Wardrobe Audit we did.

How does that sound? Fun hey? it is!

If you need more details don't hesitate to get in touch and have your own wardrobe breakthrough this Autumn!





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