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How It Works


Learn the mechanics of the fashion industry, the reasoning behind creating a collection,

and the structure of a useful wardrobe.

Learn different style subjects and mindset through masterclasses.


Identify your tastes and preferences. Become a strategist of style and shopping. 

Have your taste be analysed profoundly. 

Leave behind misconceptions about fashion, and your style.


Take control.

Gain skills for life in a process where you always know who you are, having all the correct information that works for yourself, and the right clothes will find you as a result. 

Step away from overwhelming feelings when adding new pieces to your style. 


Introduction to a new way of being who you are, within the current or aspirational aspects of your life. 


Get listened, to in-depth, and discover your views about who you are right now, and who will be your future version, whilst still feeling like yourself. 

Feel accompanied in every step, with an external view ensuring you step away from certain old habits, so you avoid going back where you started. 


Apply what you have learned. Understand why you do certain things when it comes to style and shopping, and even wardrobe choices. Create an empowering habit to achieve your goals to greater success. 

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