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The quick answer is: Yes it is, but it's not only the way you are thinking.

I am not going to tell you here how you should only dress in quality basics, or how you should not buy fast fashion or to only buy from your local independent store, or to shop from long lasting brands.

Do what you want, but do it RIGHT.

Finishing fashion studies was not exactly exciting, it didn't make me want to rush to apply for a job at Top Shop or any other high street brand. It just felt a bit demoralising if anything.

I wanted to tell everyone the buyer's techniques to create a collection, so we all play with the same rules. And so I did, firstly by applying them to my own wardrobe, then sharing it with you with having a wardrobe breakthrough service. I named it like this, because I had one at the time, and I want you to experience one too.

I realised back then, I was the perfect fast fashion customer! I purchased stuff just because I like it, I love to see what is trending each season, and every season I used to do my wardrobe detox, and then make more purchases for the following season, and the cycle will start all over again. Well, I got sick of this cycle, mainly because I got so overwhelmed with so much choice, and with a wardrobe that was not helping me get dressed the way I wanted, let alone it was making any sense on its own.

Knowing what I know now, I started from scratch to "heal" my wardrobe.

Healing your wardrobe could be a long process, that can be shortened with the right tools.

I have learned the hard way fast fashion is not good, period. Why do we need it fast anyway? what is our rush?

However, as a consumer, independent retailers and brands were not really getting me in terms of style.

I am not a "basics" classics person either, so I started to wonder where do I go to shop for clothes as a fashion enthusiast if only the high street got me in terms of style?

So let's stop for a minute, as we have to work with the options of shops we have, work with what we can afford and find a style that feels like us.

By starting to apply the techniques of a high street fashion buyer to create my own wardrobe collection, not only I found my style, my aesthetic, and my colours. I also found easier the process of creating outfits that felt like myself. I also identify now exactly what to buy, and where to buy it from, by knowing as a buyer, what shops will do the best quality stuff ( one shop, don't fit all by the way).

Don't settle for "That'll do" and just buy it. It's your money, your style and you.

The secret? Knowing exactly what to buy, in what colour and who has the best product for the category I am buying : jeans, knitwear, coats...

Buy better from wherever you want, and you will contribute to be sustainable.

We are being made guilty constantly as consumers with the demand/ offer theory. If you don't buy it, it will stop being produced, and eventually it will stop existing. I don't agree with statement any more. We have to find our own ways.

I am glad shops are showing more visibility in their sustainable practices.

However, the problem has gotten so big, that if something as big as the planet is a stake, sure we have to find our own ways.

If you want to know how to be sustainable your own way, send me a quick email to and I will be happy to show you exactly how.

Buy better from wherever you want and you will contribute to be sustainable.




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