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Spring is here! and it's usually linked with some sort of detox, be it for our body, to cleanse, or in our wardrobe, to clear out clothes for the change of season.

Analysing the wardrobe each season, and seeing what items do not feel like us any more or seeing how we have changed in a season it's a crucial exercise , but it comes with the decision to discard clothes from our lives.

The word toxic is very negative to me, it means, obviously there was something toxic to eliminate, in the first place, and I feel sorry for the pieces that are being discarded in our wardrobe and suppose to be 'toxic'.

I like to shift the mindset to one that transitions to not having to detox anything but loving all the clothes we have. Sure, we all change, and a wardrobe evolves, but there are always ways to achieve a wardrobe that does not need a detox.

Our wardrobes are the result of our past and current purchasing decisions.

I can tell you it's absolutely possible, and necessary (I may add, to avoid generating more waste) to actually get to a point where your wardrobe does not need a detox.

I have used the same method over the years to analyse my own wardrobe, and I have now put it in the shape of a workbook.

I have created the Wardrobe Analysis: The workbook, and The Wardrobe Analysis: The online session with the purpose of helping others with the outcomes that I had in the past. The main outcome: clarity about your style and your purchase habits.

This is an easy and fun tool or session that can help you with the specific questions that you have to ask your wardrobe. The more you do it, the less detox you will have to do in your future. The results are fantastic!

I brought my spring clothes from storage, for the wardrobe switch over and every season I am so glad to see how my pile of things that I would not wear it's getting smaller and smaller each season. Meaning? Better purchasing decisions over the years? For sure!

Get your Wardrobe Analysis now on the link below and tell me how you get along

Book a Wardrobe Analysis: The online session if you prefer someone to guide you on the process.

Have a great day!



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