Fashion Retail Consultancy

Raxanie is a UK based fashion consulting company with an international reach. Advising retailers and brands on the management and optimisation of their retail and development strategies.

Mission& Vision

1- Fashion Buying techniques from the high street applied to independent retailers

2- Focusing on profitable purchases from suppliers

3-  Defining your Brand Identity, your customer and your Strategy

4-  Finding your Style and creating your perfect Wardrobe

5-  Creating your own Wardrobe Collection. 



Master your collection

We believe in creativity, resilience and helping one another. 
After working over ten years in exports shipping, and graduating from London College of Fashion in Buying & Merchandising, I started to help independent retailers and brands, realising I was enjoying adapting and applying the strategies of a high street fashion buyer and merchandiser  so independent brands/ retailers could achieve their maximum potential. 

Thanks again for being here!



In Retail Consulting, we assist retailers in the strategic creation of the collection for every season, targeting the core customer functioning as a buying office. We help you find out who is your customer, and buy the best collection.

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