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Fashion Consultant

Raxanie Ltd is a fashion consultancy with the mission to effectively empower woman through clothing in a sustainable way, improving client’s lives by finding innovative ways to create personal wardrobe collections. 

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Mission& Vision


Guide women to success, by teaching the skills to find confidence, empowerment and the power of

communication through presence.


Growth, Success, Skills over purchases.

By learning the skills of a fashion buyer in creating a clothing collection you will obtain the power of knowing your style and make successful purchases.

Our Methods:

  • Delivering transformation:  Through one-to-one sessions online offering three different Style plans.

  • Educational tools              Monthly masterclasses give you skills in different buying and style subjects.

  • Cutting through the noise:  Through our love for design and lasting quality, we curate fashion edits, so                                                              you can have the best pieces and help you shop more thoughtfully.



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Marie, Business advisor. Coventry, UK.

Style Plan: Style Breakthrough

“My wardrobe over the past two years has been added to with no real thought, from online purchasing. After having the style breakthrough with Raquel, from clothing to shoes/boots and accessories, I am completely kitted out and I honestly feel great now when I get dressed – It is a bit like looking at a box of chocolates and thinking, ‘hmm, which one shall I choose?’
The more we worked together the more I identified with the ‘new me style’. I have a more sophisticated style which is still me, but with a fresh feeling/vibe. I loved that in the whole process of the Style Breakthrough, I never felt like what I was wearing wasn’t ‘me’, because Raquel really listened.
I know Raquel has the skills, knowledge and experience to add value to individuals and retailers alike"
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