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Fashion Consultant

Raxanie is a UK based fashion consulting company with an international reach. We advise retailers and brands on the management and optimisation of their retail and development strategies.

We also work with individuals to help them make the best wardrobe choices for their life stage

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Mission& Vision

We help Independent retailers to:

  • Take advantage of Fashion Buying techniques used by high street brands

  • Focusing on profitable purchases from suppliers

  • Define their Brand Identity, their customer and create a winning Strategy

We help Individuals to:

  • Optimise their wardrobe for the stage of life that they are in

  • Create a winning Wardrobe Collection that will take them anywhere 

  • Finding their Style and make informed Wardrobe choices



Master your own collection

My version of fashion is having the skills to create your own collection.


After completing a postgraduate degree in Fashion buying & merchandising and further training in Social media strategy for Fashion from London College of Fashion, Raxanie was born.


I realised then, it all comes down to knowing how to buy better, applicable to both:

A retailer from a supplier, and as a consumer from a retailer, for a personal wardrobe.


I organically started helping independent retailers and brands with their buying strategies and creative processes.

By becoming aware of how the high street brands create a clothing collection, I was able to apply the same methods to a different scale.

Making choices based on sound knowledge that I learned in my degree, I can help to create collections for retailers, and wardrobes that work for woman and keep elevating their style.


I now give woman the skills to create their own collection with a mission twofold:


Helping independent retailers and brands to maximise their ranges and profits.

Read more in my Service Page.


Empowering woman through clothes by having a wardrobe they love.

Find out more on my Personal Wardrobe page.


While we move forward in creating that perfect collection, you can say hi and find me as raxanie on instagram,  as Raquel Garcia-Garrido on LinkedIn and Facebook.  
email me on raquel@raxanie.com or book a discovery call here

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  • instagram
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In Retail Consulting, we assist retailers in the strategic creation of the collection for every season, targeting the core customer functioning as a buying office. We help you find out who is your customer, and buy the best collection.

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