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Raxanie is a UK based fashion consulting company with an international reach. Advising retailers and brands on the management and optimisation of their retail and development strategies.

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Mission& Vision

1- Fashion Buying techniques from the high street applied to independent retailers

2- Focusing on profitable purchases from suppliers

3-  Defining your Brand Identity, your customer and your Strategy

4-  Finding your Style and creating your perfect Wardrobe

5-  Creating your own Wardrobe Collection. 



Master your collection

My version of fashion is knowing how to create your own collection




I have been in love with fashion for as long as I can remember.

The early childhood memories of my mum sewing our own clothes and me making the dresses for my dolls, and being very aware about colour and what to wear, since a young age.


After having a background of fifteen years on exports shipping, I had a gap in my career and graduated with a degree in Fashion Buying & merchandising and further training on Social media strategy for fashion, from London College of Fashion. 


I became aware on how the high street creates a clothing collection and the profits around it. 


I realised how that method could be applicable for independent retailers as well as our own wardrobes, playing all by the same rules. 


I became aware through teaching workshops in different buying techniques, how we all have the same issues in our wardrobes and when going shopping. Our wardrobe do not represent us, precisely because of the change of trends and powerful marketing strategies.


My version of fashion, is from learning within the source of creating a collection. Information that is hard to come by, as customers. 


Being aware of the strategies of a high street buyer, made me adapt my shopping habits as a consumer, thus creating a wardrobe that represents my personality. 


Since unlocking the strategies from the fashion industry on creating a collection, my mission is now twofold: 


Helping independent retailers and brands get to their next level.

Empowering woman through clothes by making better purchasing decisions via private online sessions and workshops.


While we move forward in creating that perfect wardrobe, you can say hi and find me as raxanie on instagram and facebook and

email me on raquel@raxanie.com

Thanks for being here! 


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In Retail Consulting, we assist retailers in the strategic creation of the collection for every season, targeting the core customer functioning as a buying office. We help you find out who is your customer, and buy the best collection.

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