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A Spring Staple

Good Sunday!

Around here in UK, it does not seem spring is coming any time soon, though.

How is everyone?

We had a workshop this week, where I’m showing you the strategies of a Fashion Buyer to create a collection for the high street, and how you can build your perfect wardrobe with the same steps.

This week, we talked about INSPIRATION and why it’s important before you take out your transitional clothes from storage and put aside all those thick jumpers.

Inspiration is the first step to create your collection. But here are a few reasons to get you started:

1- Get ideas of what could feel like “you”.

2- Be organized so you know exactly the “holes” in your wardrobe.

3- Have a strategy for when you go shopping

4- Save time, because you know exactly what is going to feel like “you” and no one else, aside trends.

5- Get out of your comfort zone

It is important for me to create an inspiration board every season, look forward to wear the clothes I already got, and aim to buy a few pieces that will freshen up the wardrobe for the season, that’s all!

Someone was asking me this week what are those staples pieces that never go out of style.

Although I think those “one thing fits all” concept is not really me, there are certain pieces you can have in your wardrobe, however! just find the shape and colour that fits your personality.

Here I leave you with the maxi coat, one of the pieces that don’t go out of Style, heading for the BESTYOU expo in London. This coat is 80% wool, and this one I purchased in Shanghai last year.

It's important to be thin, but super warm.

Have a wonderful week!




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