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"I wear black most of the time, or black and white combinations, and my wardrobe reflected that. I do like wearing all black outfits , I didn't really know how to wear colour. When working with Raquel, she did not take me out of my comfort zone and throw me into a new world of colours, as she knew it was not realistic, I would end up going back to my old ways of wearing just black. Instead, she worked within my comfort zone, and elevated it to the next level!"...

When I met Donna I wanted to know exactly who she was and who she wanted to be. Did she really like dressing all black or did she not know any better?

After analysing her lifestyle , in our first free chat session we went through lots of questions to get an idea of where we were heading.

As my aim is always to use what you already have first, we needed to make inventory of what was in her wardrobe. This was done on our first session

Donna felt she was still dressing like when she was a teenager, she is in her forties, and she wanted to move to a more modern take on her style.

It was clear to me by seeing her wardrobe, that Donna was really attached to clothes, having pieces as old as twenty years old.

Having a petite figure, clothes still fitted her, but that does not mean they still suited her, or looked modern.

Even though the issue might be the same ( too many clothes) the solution is tailored to each person, because everyone is different.

Colour palette.

At first, my inspiration for Donna was introducing colour in her outfits. However, after a lot of conversations, I realised getting out of black is not an easy thing to do, so instead, we just needed to modernised her style and make black outfits look chic and comfortable.

Donna is very feminine and likes things fitted, hence an oversized style was out of the question, and it would not have suited her anyway.

I eliminated inmediatly white from her palette. Black and white together can be really harsh and you have to be a middle tone in order to pull off such a big contrast, otherwise, the contrast is wearing you.

It was best to introduce her to other neutral tones that would go great with black. Our main colour was going to be off white. Much softer to the eye when combined with black.

Have a peek further below to see the whole colour palette.

Then, I decided which other colours would not "scare her off" and she would actually want to wear, yet making black the main colour in her palette and what style to go for.

Selection of pieces.

Going back to Donna's wardrobe, we put aside pieces that would be great for her new style and colours. That is the base from where she can start building a new wardrobe to see things more clearly and make outfits easily.

By going through her clothing, and getting rid of clothes from over the years, and focusing on black, Donna realised wearing black had more to do with her own self-esteem, it's like she was hiding to the world and she felt more secure wearing black, she just needed to wear black with a different approach.

She also realised how comfortable she was with the colour palette, it made her want to introduce colour into her wardrobe. Donna also made a couple of purchases on her own, it was summer, and even though it was black and white clothing, she got the style right and completely changed her attitude, which you could inmediatly tell by talking to her. Understanding a different approach to wearing black , meant for her that she was ready to take on the other colours in her palette. As it turned out, we needed to work in her perspective of herself first.

She realised she deserved to look great, and be seen, getting rid of things in her wardrobe that were kept purely for how much it cost at the time. Instead, she kept only what made her feel great and suited her. wearing black, the modern and fresh way.

See below her style inspiration.

Images from inspiration: Nadia Ania

"I now know how to wear black in a modern way, and I know how to introduce some mild colour into my wardrobe that fits really well within my comfort zone".

So, don't be worried if you only like to wear black, all we have to do, is make it modern and simple to make you feel your best.

Do you enjoy wearing black?



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