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Colour is here and it's not going anywhere, and I experienced it this year when attending Pure London in July 2022.

I used to go to Pure London every year before the pandemic and this was my first time back.

It's a great way to meet brands, check out the trends for the following season and get involved in the different talks and insightful seminars, as well as visiting the catwalk. It's my great source of information inside the industry, and inspiration among others.

This year was full of bright colours, especially bright colour blazers and statement jewellery, anything is valid in the catwalk, any mix of colours was out there to wear. There were no rules. Creativity is out there, so let yours fly in 2023!

I talked to a few brands who were trading in the UK before the pandemic, then stopped, and now they are trying through the trade show to get back into the UK market again. I have witnessed the hard work that brands experience in finding the right buyer in three days of a trade show. Likewise, the search from buyers trying to find the perfect brand that will fit just right with their core customer and their shops, the vibe of the fair this year was of a pure hope in the shape of beautiful fabrics and products needed to be shared with the world.



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