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Pinterest: The misunderstood stranger by brands.

I have been getting more enquiries about Pinterest by brands in the past year, specially with the pandemic.

Brands are wondering why adding yet another platform could be useful at all for them, and I get it. Pinterest is the misunderstood stranger by brands. We still think of it as looking for inspiration for decor, outfit creation or DIY. However, guess what? your customers are already hanging in Pinterest, so why not show up for them?

Ok, you need me to elaborate a bit more:

Instagram is all about the OTHER, and why not? gossip, we want to know what other people is doing.

Pinterest is all about ME. About: How can MY life be better? and then we search for products and inspiration.

They are veeeryyy different, and have a very different strategy.

Still need more information?

As a brand, you can have products or services, and feature them visually on Instagram. That's ok.

On Pinterest, however, you can elaborate a quick explanation as to why your product or your services are the best, and do so in a beautiful, or even funny, eye-catching pin, that your customer will save to their boards of inspiration.

Those pins, direct your customer to your website, and convert traffic into sales.

But I still hear you, until you don't dive deep into Pinterest is hard to understand what is about. In addition, most brands give up, because Pinterest is not immediately rewarding as Instagram or Facebook where you can see your likes or comments strategy away. However, Pinterest has a huge potential.

Having worked with Pinterest for a while now, I have open up a one to one hour, if you want to know the basis and start diving into the platform.

It Includes:

• A one hour 1-1 zoom call.

• A recording of the call so you can revisit.

• Email support after the call.

We will cover:

• Optimise your Pinterest profile

• The trick about Boards: we will cover naming strategy, keywords, what content to include and why.

• How to create Pins- Each pin is a whole strategy, learn how to create beautiful and engaging pins that actually work for your audience.

• Pinterest Analytics- Spot the best information and use it for your growth.

You will come away with:

• Clarity on how to use Pinterest as a brand to put your products/ services or ideas in front of your customer.

• A check list for creating winning pins • A pinning strategy tailored to your business and works for your schedule.

Get in touch for more info!




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