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Is here! the holiday wardrobe.

You may be wondering, what holiday exactly? where are we going?

I am focusing here on a specific setting, which is a city holiday, with a beach, so picture around forty degrees all day and no need for a jacket on those nighttime walks. Think flowy and light fabrics, and just-in-case long-sleeve and long trousers in a light fabric.

So this is not your resort or Ibiza holiday, where the style will be much more casual and you may spend all at the beach.

Here you go, this is what I would take to such holidays:

1- The slip Dress- In a juicy colour. A dress like this can serve you for the day and night time.

2-The metallic bag- Not only very popular right now, but it "throws" any outfit away with the element of surprise.

3- The white dress. Flowy, mini and long sleeve - Because you want that breeze to come through the arms, and because you want those legs to get tanned while you walk.

4- The linen basic black midi dress (if it's in linen fabric, the better)- A basic you can use daily if you don't want to think, and at night, plus black looks great with a tan on!

5- The heeled sandal- Choose your colour, I have chosen here a neutral.

6- The thong sandal- A flat sandal is much needed, but a feminine one so you can wear it at all times.

7- The lace-up or leather strappy black sandal. It will give the edge to any outfit.

8- The halter top In a happy pattern. For some modern approach.

9- The crochet top in a neutral- I know, I know, crochet is not for everyone, but I have chosen a neutral colour, so it's not so seasonal trend and you can use it over the years to come. Crochet gives a great contrast to other fabrics, such as linen.

10- A comfortable raffia bag- Raffia or basket bags always shout out summertime, the contrast fabric looks great with just about anything!

11- The linen skirt- This breezy fabric will let you move while you are sightseeing and change outfit formula.

12- The linen trousers- For the plane, for the car, make sure you choose light linen if the destination is really hot!

13 & 14- The linen Bermuda & top set- You cannot go wrong with this, so comfy! so chic, and a classic, you will be cool and get a bit of tan on those legs again. If you want to be diffferent, chose somtehing different. I know the shirt and the waistcoat are the obvsious choices that are out there right now, but exactly for that reason, I have mixed and matched a different style.

15- Statement earrings

16- A chain necklace- Nothing too chunky. You don't want metalics in the heat.

17- The impact dress- Love this one in this colour.

I hope you liked it and had a better idea what to wear on holiday.

What else will you add? I will leave the beach wear for you to choose.



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