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Updated: Jan 24

I want to share with you this testimonial from a woman I recently worked with.

This is not just a testimonial but quite some powerful outcome that other girls may feel identified with.

Remember! every person is very different, and style depends very much on different factors: The specific person, the weather, where they live, the lifestyle, and the vibe it makes them feel comfortable.

So here it is!

So you get an idea, her profile is:

Profession: Professor of Spanish at the university of North Florida.

Goals: To create a brand for her style

Mood towards clothes and fashion. She called herself the 'lazy customer", lacking time to have a look the shops or figuring out her style. She wants and knows she has to look herself in her best version for Uni.

Preferred colours: Neutrals.

How does she wants to feel: Comfortable, professional, clean look, classic yet modern. Clean lines. Easy dressing. Defined styled who others can notice straight away.

"The Trifecta Breakthrough!

I had given up the chase to find the perfect clothes for me in my mid thirties ( at a time when, ironically, my disposable income was at its peak)

I took the blame for it: This was the price someone like me would have to pay for not enjoying and/or spending enough time shopping for clothes. I kind of got used to the idea that looking decent or being moderately happy with my style was the best outcome I could strive for.

Decent is good, right? But at that stage of my professional and personal career, I slowly realized it was not a personal choice anymore, instead, it had become a concerning disconnect between my wardrobe and my own self that was a source of insecurity: my clothes were not speaking for me, they were not showing the image and personality I wanted to convey. In short, I did not speak the “clothing language” and that was significantly holding me back from showing the best version of myself.

But then I came across Raxanie through a friend. I got the “Breakthrough package” with hope but feeling a little skeptical that this huge issue that had been dragging me down for years could be solved without having to invest a massive amount of time and effort on my part.

How wrong I was! Raquel is an extremely qualified professional with a real passion for her job, and it shows: she used a thorough- and fun- process to help me “speak through my clothes” and built a brand for myself as I wanted to. By identifying my style, understanding my goals, analyzing my wardrobe, and designing a customised outfit combination plan with alist of dos and don’ts. What a game changer! I could not believe I had some of the outfits that I was looking for in my own wardrobe, just by combining garments in a different way or by adding some accessories! Her analysis also suggested a number of pieces that could be added in order to maximize my wardrobe and achieve the desired results, and recommended certain brands or stores according to some of the criteria that were important for me as a customer: quality and environmentally-conscious choices over variety.

I could not believe, after all these years, that Raquel helped me achieve what seemed the impossible Trifecta: having an amazing wardrobe, being a responsible and environmentally-friendly consumer, and not going over my budget/ spending a crazy amount of money or time on clothes.

What used to be a very frustrating and stressing process- choosing the right outfit for the day- has become something fun that I look forward to every morning; now my clothes help me get across the message and image I want to convey, be it at a presentation, at a friend’s gathering, or at a family’s reunion. I wish I had known about Raxanie earlier! "

Now! that is me super pleased having achieved my goal when I work with someone! that reaction of happiness and feeling great ( like your own self)

Do you want to get a peek to Angeles Inspiration and wardrobe?

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Pictures: Hannah @cocobeautea

Wardrobe collection for Ángeles:

Angeles chose the Style Breakthrough, which is your Style plan?

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