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When it comes to fashion, usually the first thing woman have in mind is their body shape, which pieces suit them better and to learn styling tips.

However, if you have figured out the colours you want to wear, the job is half way done.

Most woman worry about using too much black during winter, when their personalities are actually quite cheerful.

There is nothing wrong with wearing black, it all depends on what message do you want to give away with your full black outfit.

If you pair pieces with different textures, it immediately gives a modern vibe.

If you pair pieces with other neutrals, it gives it a sophisticated look

If you suddenly add a bright colour with black, it gives out a confusing message though.

What do you want to tell about yourself in any given moment?

It may be going to a lunch, or a work event, and you don't necessarily need to wear colour all of the times just because your personality is a happy one. You may want to maintain some parts of your personality muted in any specific moment.

And you? What are your thoughts on wearing and all black outfits?

As this is the last post of the year, wishing you all a wonderful end of 2022 and even better 2023.

See you all in 2023,

Happy New year!




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