Since Sex and the city, and now instagram, the idea of a walk in wardrobe, hence a big wardrobe, it has become very popular.

We see influencers and youtubers showing beautifully organized walk in wardrobes.

Nowadays, a large wardrobe equals a successful woman, stylish, powerful, and confident.

Here is the thing though, we are transitioning to other trend in the type of wardrobe: the small wardrobe.

This is very hot right now, as you are cool if you move towards having the right pieces in your wardrobe, thus reducing the total amount.

A small wardrobe represents another woman: Confident in her own persona, with a clear style concept, saving money, clever, making smart choices who cares about being herself and being sustainable.

Personally, and for me, a large wardrobe became a large monster. I could not make sense of all the pieces, and I was gravitating to wear the same type of pieces over and over again, thus not using half of what I had. Not to mention having lots of stuff was not sustainable for my wallet. So my personal preference is, I moved towards a small wardrobe.

If you want to do the same, you are the one to define small. It has to be a number that gives you plenty of combinations for a variation of outfits, so you don't get bored ( otherwise, we shop more), it gives you versatility for your lifestyle day and night, and it makes you feel like your best self in every piece. Got it? good, now focus on the vision of your wardrobe "project"