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What are you doing wrong if you have lots of clothes, however they don't make sense when put together?

The answer: Improve the way you buy clothes.

Why: Because otherwise, you will go around in circles.

A motive: Save money and know your Style, so you know exactly what to buy.

Here are some quick tips:

1- Get inspiration- Yes, Pinterest!

You heard it before, but you can’t be bothered. However, you do need to get an idea of what draws your attention, don’t think too much, just get inspired! And start pinning!

2- Delete! Yes, go back to those images the next day, and delete anything that does not make you smile.

3- Create a colour palette.

Sounds too much? Believe me, It helps! sticking to a set of colours, that go with one another will facilitate your shopping trip, and save you money!

4- Create a mini collection with what you already have.

What is a mini collection?

Select five to nine pieces that could work with one another, and choose a colour scheme. Mix and match. You can create as many mini collections as you want within your own wardrobe.

Seeing a wardrobe full of clothes all together, does not give you clarify, a mini collection, will.

5- Check what would be missing on your mini collections (based on your inspiration, based on your colours, based on what you already owe) , spot the gaps!

6- Get going with the shopping, and stick to a list! If you have written down: a white shirt, don’t you just buy a random one. Get a few online, try them on at home, check fit, fabric, feel, and return the rest!

And enjoy your new wardrobe!

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