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Say what? A colour palette?

Have you ever thought about it?

Have you ever considered starting off your wardrobe with buying only certain colours that have been carefully curated to match with each other and suit your face?

In my experience, most of us haven’t thought about it.

I am not talking your basics black, whites, greys, light pink, tan, brown, and navy blue, unless that is your jam, in which case, yiippii you got it!

I am talking when you don't see yourself wearing minimal colours, how do you make a colour palette of non-neutrals that actually can work?

Creating your own mini collection, is a process with a few steps, one of them is, creating your very own colour palette.

Having a colour palette saves you money, yes!

You have taken the time to work out what colours are “yours”. You have organized them in a way that combine with each other. They even have a role in your wardrobe individually.

When you go shopping, you will not just go for colours you like randomly and end up with a colourful (yet not combinable) wardrobe, and you carry on buying more stuff until you try to make sense of it ( been there done that!!)

By sticking (at first) to your colours, you will know exactly what to buy, you can gradually build up on colours or even create two palettes!

I had a client who wanted to find herself. Her wardrobe was full of purchases from over the years.

I gave her the skills to find her style and built up a colour palette. The results were amazing! She did everything herself! And she showed up to my last workshops las October with a Victoria Beckham style, full of colour block and sophistication, not to mention the confidence she was exuding.

When you figure out your colour palette, you don’t go back. You now have a strategy and a plan to go shopping!

Enjoy saving money! :)


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