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About Raquel


My version of Style is knowing the skills to create 
your own collection

About Raquel

Whilst working in the corporate world, and loving it, I was always fascinated by the subject of communication and interactions in the workplace, always growing and evolving myself.


Alongside my career, fashion has always been at the back of my mind, and I used to love getting dressed for work believing in the importance of communication through presence. 


Upon a gap in my career, I pursued a Postgraduate degree in Fashion buying and merchandising at the London College of Fashion and further training in social media strategy for fashion. I was fascinated by the industry insights and how collections are created in high-street shops and I never looked back. 

After my studies, I realised that finding a certain style, should not be an overwhelming task, due to the vast amount of information we have. 

"I don't Style. We create together"

Raxanie was born. It started helping independent brands and shops with their strategy. ​

But now, I break the style down into easy-to-follow steps, as a fashion buyer would do to create a collection for the shops, I do it for your personal style & and wardrobe. 

I used the power of the fast fashion industry to reverse-engineer the information  I learned to teach women to create their collections. 


With Raxanie, I became a style strategist and started applying my expertise to my shopping habits, to further share my skills and knowledge with other women through live events, one-to-one sessions, and educational blog posts. 


The main project of Raxanie, The Style Breakthrough, aims to take you on a creative and transformational journey towards finding your style and creating your best wardrobe collection. 

While we move forward in creating that perfect collection, you can say hi at

Thanks for being here! 


Let’s Work Together

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